5 Ways Tay makes your travel experience stress-free!

5 Ways Tay makes your travel experience stress-free:

Who is Tay?

Travelin’ with Tay is a brand I have created through my passion and inspiration for traveling and gaining worldwide experience. 

As a beginner traveler years ago I found the process of getting to my final destination to be daunting and stressful however now with my many travel experiences it has inspired me to provide a way to others to have these opportunities as well. 

5 services we offer:

  1. Catalog of destinations to choose from. All pre-approved by Tay.
  2. Flight + accommodation assistance, with package deals. We book it all!
  3. Daily itinerary plans filled with activities for any occasion you’re celebrating, we customise everything to your desires!
  4. Experience the culture and food with our highly rated recommended experiences and restaurants.
  5. We handle any passport/visa application assistance when and if needed.

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